Session 1. Basic Science & Technology (Non-CME)

Moderators: Yali Jia and Hao F. Zhang

8:10 am: Imaging the retinal and choroidal microvasculature using AO-ICG, Johnny Tam, NIH/NEI

8:20 am: In vivo characterization of human retina hemodynamics at the single capillary and the single blood cell level using high speed adaptive optics near-confocal ophthalmoscopy, Yuhua Zhang, University of California, Los Angeles

8:30 am: Recent Advances in cellular resolution neuro-vascular retina imaging, Robert J. Zawadzki, University of California, Davis

8:40 am: Volumetric fluorescein angiography by oblique scanning laser ophthalmoscopy, Ji Yi, Boston University

8:50 am:  Light evoked retinal activation is metabolically coupled to increases in human retinal, choroidal and optic nerve head blood flow measured simultaneously by laser speckle flowgraphy, Randy Kardon, University of Iowa 

9:00 am:  Microvascular remodeling over time in patients with diabetes, Ann Elsner, Indiana University 

9:10 am:  Discussion

Session 2. OCTA technology updates ( Non-CME )

Moderators:  Ann Elsner and Richard Rosen  

9:20 am: Quantification of choriocapillaris with OCTA, lessons learnt, Ruikang Wang, University of Washington

9:30 am: Differential artery-vein analysis in OCTA, Xincheng Yao, University of Illinois Chicago

9:40 am: AI-aid detection and quantification of vascular pathologies on OCTA, Yali Jia, Oregon Health & Science University

9:50 am: Imaging conventional outflow pathway in mouse using vis-OCT and vis-OCTA, Hao F. Zhang, Northwestern University

10:00 am:  Quantitative OCTA parameters for evaluation of diabetic retinopathy, Richard Rosen, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai 

10:10 am: Discussion

10:20 am: Refreshment break and exhibition

Session 3. Glaucoma & Optic Nerve Diseases (CME)

Moderators: Kazuhisa Sugiyama and David Huang

10:45 am: Vascular factor in normal-tension glaucoma, Kazuhisa Sugiyama, Kanazawa University

10:55 am: Laser speckle flowgraphy in glaucoma, Toru Nakazawa, Tohoku University

11:05 am: Can OCTA replace visual field in glaucoma evaluation? David Huang, Oregon Health & Science University 

11:15 am: Is OCTA Ready for Clinical Practice in Glaucoma? Robert Weinreb, University of California, San Diego

11:25 am: Discussion

Session 4. Neurological & Systemic Diseases (CME)

Moderators: Lisa Silbert and David Huang

11:35 am: Retinal vasculature and cognitive impairment, Delia Cabrera Debuc, University of Miami

11:45 am:  Laser speckle ocular blood flow and pulsatility in heart failure patients Implanted with a left ventricular assistive device, Ryuya Hashimoto, University of Iowa

11:55 am: Novel screening modality for aortic stenosis: Doppler OCT flowmeter, Akitoshi Yoshida, Asahikawa Medical University

12:05 pm: Retinal microvascular alterations in chronic kidney disease, Ling Yeung, Chang Gung University

12:15 pm: Discussion

IOCS Business Meeting - Members only

12:30 pm: Membership and finances, Executive committee

12:40 pm: Meeting plans, President and president-elect

12:50 pm: Discussions, All members

1:00 pm: Business meeting adjourns

Lunch and Poster Session

12:30 pm: Lunch buffet

1:00 pm: Desserts and coffee served

1:15 pm: Poster session

Session 5. Physiology & Pathophysiology (CME)

Moderators: Mary Hartnett and  Phil Rosenfeld

2:15 pm: Extending physiologic retinal vascularization by specific knockdown of retinal endothelial cell vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (VEGFR2), Mary E. Hartnett, University of Utah

2:25 pm: Studying neurovascular coupling with OCTA, Amani Fawzi, Northwestern University

2:35 pm: Discussion

Session 6. Diabetic Retinopathy (CME)

Moderators: Amani Fawzi and Steve Bailey

2:45 pm: Visual acuity and foveal structure in eyes with "fragmented" foveal avascular zones, Rachel Linderman, Medical College of Wisconsin

2:55 pm: Supervised machine learning based multi-task artificial intelligence classification of retinopathies, Minhaj Alam, University of Illinois Chicago

3:05 pm: Quantifying retinal capillary non-perfusion in diabetic retinopathy using wide-field swept-source OCTA, Siyu Chen,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3:15 pm: OCTA analysis of the choriocapillaris layer in treatment-naïve diabetic eyes, Jingyuan Yang

3:25 pm: OCTA biomarkers for predicting visual outcomes after Ranibizumab treatment for diabetic macular edema, Yi-Ting Hsieh

3:35 pm: Discussion

3:45 pm: Refreshment break and exhibition

Session 7. AMD & Other Retinal Diseases (CME)

Moderators: Phil Rosenfeld and Amani Fawzi

4:10 pm: Detection of reduced retinal vessel density in eyes with geographic atrophy secondary to AMD using PR-OCTA, Steven Bailey, Oregon Health & Science University

4:20 pm: OCT imaging of the choroicapillaris and choroid in AMD, Philip Rosenfeld, University of Miami

4:30 pm: Comparison study of swept source OCT and spectral-domain OCT on PCV, Min Wang, Fudan University

4:40 pm: A comparison study of polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy imaged with Indocyanine green angiography and swept source OCT angiography, Seung-Young Yu, Kyung Hee University

4:50 pm: Choroidal vascular structures in eyes with chronic central serous, Tomohiro Lida, Fukushima Medical University

5:00 pm: Collateral vessels formation in branch retinal vein occlusion: anatomic and functional, Kotaro Tsuboi, Aichi Medical University

5:10 pm: Discussion

5:20 pm: Best poster presentation & wrap-up

5:30 pm: Meeting adjourns


5:30 pm: Reception starts

6:15 pm: Reception closes

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