Become a member of International Ocular Circulation Society

Requirements for Membership

Full Membership Requirements

  1.  Any physician, engineer, or scientist who holds a doctoral level clinical degree, such as Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Optometry, or doctoral level research degree, such as Doctor of Science, or Doctor of Philosophy, is eligible for membership. 
  2. Authorship of at least two publications in the field of ocular circulation in peer-reviewed journals over the preceding 10 years.  
  3. Recommendation for membership by a full member
  4. Submission of an application form and curriculum vitae or NIH-style biosketch.

Membership-in-Training Requirements

  1. Enrollment in school (college, medical school, graduate school, or professional school) or in a training program (residency, fellowship, internship, or postdoctoral research fellowship) 
  2. Confirmation of student or trainee status by a supervisor, program director, department chair, or dean by written documentation
  3. Sponsorship by a full member of IOCS who is mentoring the candidate in an active research project related to ocular circulation, documented in a letter from the active member
  4. Submission of an application form and curriculum vitae or NIH-style biosketch


If you have trouble accessing the online application, please download the application form and email it together with your latest CV to Please combine all required documents (including the application form, CV, and mentor letter) into a single file and name it as LastName_FirstName_IOCSMembership.pdf (pdf file format only please).